Wet massage table Ergolima


Wet massage table Ergolima

645 582 R-Medical

Wet massage table Ergolima
Part No. AW7730

Height-adjustable table for treatments in wet areas as Hamam-soap-massage, Ayurveda treatments, Hot- Stone, body packs, packings or Vichy showers.

The reclining surface with integrated arm supports is made of high-quality and easy to clean acrylic glass, with adjustable head rest and two drain holes at the head and foot side. So the precious oils can be collected. Heating of the reclining surface by thermostatic temperature control. The spacious reclining surface allows a comfortable positioning also for tall clients.

The thermostat for the water supply and the change- over valve for the hand shower and/or pouring hose are fixed onto the rim of the table at the foot end.

The electromechanic adjustment of the working height is continuously variable between 550 and 840 mm. The lateral cladding unfolds for this telescopically. All control element are waterproof conform to IP65.

For the purpose of servicing and cleaning it is possible to drive up electromagnetically the base cladding. For the reason of security, this adjustment is only possible with a two-hand control.

Standard accessories included:

Following standard accessories are included:
1 Inflatable roll made of non porous and elastic plastic. It can also used for support of the knees in supine position or the instep in prone position.
1 Inflatable thorax and back cushion made of the same material, but additional with a soft core.
1 Inflatable head cushion.
1 Preparation for connecting a foam generator. 1 Glass for collecting the oil with fixating angle.

Technical data:

Length: 2200 mm,

width: 850 mm

Seat height: 550 mm, max.

height: 840 mm

Water connection: cold and warm water 1⁄2“

Waste water: NW70

Electric power: 230V, 50Hz, 400W