Vichy-Rainbow-Shower type VRD


Vichy-Rainbow-Shower type VRD

800 600 R-Medical

Vichy-Rainbow-Shower type VRD
part-no. AW7400

full body shower for laying people. Colour light over Swarovski-Crystals and additives like salt or nurturing oils can be added to the water jets.

Consisting of:
1 Shower jib with drive for permanent movement of the shower pipe, color white.
1 Pipe in pipe construction for evenly water spread on the whole body width and as support for the LED lights with Swarovski-Crystals.
1 Installation chassis in the design adequate to the shower jib. Thermostatic mixer with scald protection and valves are integrated, color white.
1 Electronic control unit with digital display for the operation sequences.
1 Pump system for adding cosmetic and therapeutic products – electronically controlled.

1  Media tank for the products with suction connection.

2  Measuring tanks for 50 ml and 200 ml.

2 Magnetic valves for mixed water and cold water sequence. Controlled by remote air switch.

1 Additional hand shower installation for cleaning purposes with valve, shower head and fixture. 1 Set of high pressure connection hoses.

Technical data:
LxWxH: 1300 x 650 x 1170 mm
without couch
electrical connection: 230 V, 50 Hz. 100 Watt CE-Sign

Vichy-Rainbow-Shower type VRD
part-no. AW7400

On-site connections

  1. cold-water sleeve 3⁄4″ flush with tiles.*
  2. warm-water sleeve 3⁄4″ flush with tiles.*
  3. electrical wall connection, cable length 1,5m, 3×1,5 mm2, 230V, 50Hz, 100W. Ground wire for the on-site potentialequalisation.
  4. 2-wire cable for signalling the treatment end, for example at the front desk.
  5. drainage ∅ 70, simultaneous for room drainage