Megasun Tower OPTIMA


Megasun Tower OPTIMA

540 360 R-Medical


For the first time, Rubin Collagen Boosters are used in a stand up sunbed. The 100 high performance LEDs in the upper body area alongside the known collagen effect ensure increased skin moistening, leading in turn to a better tan.

Optionally, the megaSun Tower OPTIMA can be additionally combined with vibraNano, a vibration training with the programs Relax, Wellness and Fitness. As a result, the body is supplied with a maximum amount of oxygen and an even more intensive tanning is achieved. What’s more, your customers enjoy additional workouts for abs, legs, buttocks. Short but effective.

Technical data

48 x 180 W UV-tube
4 x 36 W Collagen-Plus-tube

100 Ruby-Collagen-Booster

Nominal power: 9900 W

Price – 43.120 GEL+VAT
Unit Dimenson

1,400 mm x 1,405 mm x 2,180 mm (length x width x height)


1,400 mm x 1,963 mm x 2,180 mm (length x width x height)

Optional features

. Exhaust air duct and hose (Ø 300 mm, white, length 3 m, 2 hose clamps)  – 470 GEL+VAT

Loudspeakers – 455 GEL+VAT
. megaTimer – 825 GEL+VAT

Bluetooth – 855 GEL+VAT

Vibra Nano – 10890 GEL+VAT

Sound system

 external access + channel option+ loudspeakers + Audio-access – 2585 GEL +VAT

Wellness Package

incl. aromatic cabin fragrance – 4595 GEL+VAT