Cosmedico Rubino


Cosmedico Rubino

650 650 R-Medical

Cosmedico RUBINO
UV and red light in perfect combination

Cosmedico RUBINO has the perfectly balanced spec- trum of effects of UV and red light for smooth skin and a beautiful tan. Its red light spectrum increases the UV-compatibility and thus also the feel-good factor du- ring the application. Its balanced spectral distribution improves direct pigmentation by up to 50%.

Overall, Cosmedico RUBINO is visibly superior to a col- lagen tanning lamp, both in terms of tanning intensity as well as skin compatibility and the pleasant feeling during and after its application.

The convincing application results:

• Signi cantly improved direct pigmentation • Smoother tanning process
• Longer lasting beautiful tan
• Increased UV compatibility

• Protection of cells against free radicals • Activation of oxygen supply to the skin • Stimulation of the skin metabolism
• Smooth and refreshing skin feel

• High feel-good factor